Door-to-door transport

Combined transport solutions – ocean/land/rail/river – carried out in partnership with the best-suited companies in terms of equipment, personnel and local expertise for each and every particular job, while Jas Projects retains the total responsibility towards the client.

Integrated solutions

The wide experience we developed in integrated solutions of transport – ocean / land /rail/ river – is best exemplified by some of the most challenging “turn-key” projects we have completed.

Jas Projects successfully operates such huge integrated “turn key” projects forwarding services thanks to its own specialised personnel ready to operate in different areas of the world, wherever the projects are located. First we deploy a team of experts – particularly engineers and cargo superintendents – to study the local infrastructures and resources in advance and make sure that the necessary integrations or modifications are duly carried out; then, throughout the shipment, we directly monitor, with our inspectors and local partners, the progress of the different activities till their fulfilment.


Through short and long time freight agreement, and thanks to longstanding relationships with the major shipping lines providing conventional and fullcontainer services, Jas Projects offers a regular worldwide transport cover…


Road haulage (normal and oversize cargo) with collection, delivery and distribution all over Italy and inter-Europe. Jas Projects does not own any fleet of conventional trucks and/or heavy lift transport equipment but has chosen to select…


Traditional air services, including pick up and delivery, consolidation services in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Far East, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and South Pacific areas, North and South America Air freight is operated…