Other services

Insurance brokerage; supervision of stevedoring operations worldwide; attendance in ports, road surveys and access survey to site and within site area worldwide

Feasibility studies of the various modes of transportation at countries of origin and destination;

Weight and quality control on buyer’s account, draught survey for iron, steel and similar products;

Legal assistance and consultancy of our maritime and insurance lawyers, especially in the marine and insurance fields.

Moreover, the constant presence of our inspectors at the various offices of our partners worldwide guarantees, in each phase of execution of the projects, a constant control of all port and transport operations and the best transport and customs clearance solutions in the transit/final Countries, and at the various sites abroad.

Owing to our strong business ties with Middle East, North Africa and C.S.I. (ex Soviet Union), Jas Projects S.p.A. disposes of its own mother-tongue officers.

In order to get a deeper insight of Jas Projects’ experience and professional skills in the transportation of “turn-key” industrial projects, please visit our projects section where you will find a detailed list and description, complete with a rich photogallery, of some of the most significant projects we have carried out over the past few years.


Through short and long time freight agreement, and thanks to longstanding relationships with the major shipping lines providing conventional and fullcontainer services, Jas Projects offers a regular worldwide transport cover…


Road haulage (normal and oversize cargo) with collection, delivery and distribution all over Italy and inter-Europe. Jas Projects does not own any fleet of conventional trucks and/or heavy lift transport equipment but has chosen to select…


Traditional air services, including pick up and delivery, consolidation services in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Far East, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and South Pacific areas, North and South America Air freight is operated…